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Welcome to
PT Sentra Inovasi Solusindo

In this era of globalization where business competition is very tight, each company is required to have an innovative product with best quality and low investment. To achieve this goal, the company needs to improve efficiency, increase productivity and effectiveness in order to be competitive and ahead of the competitor. Implementation of information technology is one of the strategic key to achieve these objectives.

Sentra Inovasi Solusindo, PT (SisApp) is a services provider of information, communication and technology (ICT) which provide services of consulting, application development, cloud application services, installation of network infrastructure, software and hardware.

Supported by young professionals expert in technology, we are committed to providing the best services through SisApp applications and tailor-made development that have been used by various industries such as retail, distribution, trading, logistics and freight forwarding company.

There was nothing memorable besides meet, talk and share knowledge to know each other so that PT. SIS can find out what the customer needs and what solutions can be given.

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SisApp Application

SisApp (PT. Sentra Inovasi Solusindo Application) is a web-based application, inter-module fully integrated, easy to use, stable and flexible.


Learn the business processes of your business and provide a solution in the form of application software products with the support of qualified and experienced personnel.


Supported by a team of professional and experienced developers also supported by infrastructure and services division, SIS provides a unified and fully integrated solutions to customers.


Providing solutions to work with the ICT support team who are professional and reliable expertise.